Aircraft of Dutch Manufacturers

Model Building Reports

by Rob Hamann

This website gives an overview of the models in 1:72 and 1:144 scale (and some in scale 1:48) of aircraft designed and constructed by Dutch manufacturers. It contains building reports of the commercially available model kits , which could be identified (and are privately affordable). In practice this means, that the models are limited to aircraft from Fokker, Koolhoven, Pander, Schelde and Van Berkel. As I have only started to produce building reports systematically since May 2010, many of the reports have still a rather rudimentary form; I hope to complete, or rather reconstruct, them in due time. The overview has been updated to include all kits that are still in the stash and scratch build models planned.

It is also possible to view the reports according to the categories civil aircraft (with subcategories passenger transport and general aviation) and military aircraft (with subcategories fighters, reconnaissance, bombers and training).

The website also contains a gallery showing pictures of the models, a list of references for the aircraft  and a data base correlating references and aircraft as a PDF-file or an Excel spreadsheet. From a collegue modeller I received three calendars published by Fokker in the second half of the sixties featuring cut-away drawings of a number of Fokker aircraft. Scans of these calendars and some more drawings are also included in this website. I have also produced some resin kits, which are released under the brand name HA Models.

What's new since December 1st, 2022

The 1:72  Fokker V.23 prototype and the De Schelde S.20 have been finished. I have started building a 1/72 3D printed model of the Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3 by Hobartville Hobbies. Most pages have been updated to incorporate the last status and some disturbing errors have been eliminated.

Models most recently built

             V23O02    Fokker V.23                    De Schelde S.20  S2006                     

On the workbench

 Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3